We cover the lack of internal resources or expertise to support your business growth and digital transformation initiatives.

Let the experts handle your back-office processes while you can focus on more important matters that require attention. In order to run the business efficiently delegate the processes and workflows that are tedious and slow-paced to us as we also offer you Business Process Outsourcing services.

Call Center Solutions

While alternative ways of communicating with businesses have increased in popularity, phone calls still remain the primary method of conversation. Managing the multiple phone calls requires a team of skilled agents and efficient software that enables them to stay in tune. We provide all the essential services for it in terms of Interactive Voice Responses (IVR), Call routing, cloud-based calling and many more.

Customer Support Solutions

Our staff excels at Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and is highly efficient in responding to your customers. A team will be trained exclusively for you, to be able to provide accurate information regarding your business.

Data Entry Solutions

Data Entry can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Outsource your requirements to us and we will ensure we deliver error-free services covering all processes, interactions and deliverables within the timeframe. We shall deploy a highly proficient team just for your business.

Payroll Solutions

At EzyCode we are capable of providing your business a complete payroll processing service such as online payroll submission, payroll cost reporting, electronic tax filing of W-2’s, time, certified payroll reports and more.

IT services

By delegating your IT services to us, you get a powerful mix of business consultants, industry-experts and world-class IT talents who strive to impart you with the best advice, guidance and aid at any stage of your business life cycle.

You may delegate complete or partial responsibility and let us implement your technical requirements such as, software development, digital content creation, setting up and managing servers, graphic designing, UI/UX designing, testing, compiling, quality assurance and more.